Avoid Spiritual Poverty

Personal Growth

Spiritual poverty is being devoid of everlasting happiness coming from spiritual knowledge. The happiness drawn though worldly objects, positions, power or fame are transitory in nature but spirituality provides everlasting happiness. So to have a blissful life, you need to grow spiritually to avoid spiritual poverty in your life.

The spiritual growth is a revelation of our core of being, a true self without any kind of attached identification with the outer world. Once you acquire the spiritual knowledge, you begin to see things objectively and develop an ability to maintain your peace of mind during the trial and tribulations of life.

To avoid spiritual poverty, you need to embark on the journey to gain spiritual knowledge. Here are some ways, which help you to avoid spiritual poverty:


In this continuous changing world, life is a series of attachment and detachment. Unduly attachment to craving for material possessions, lust for physical pleasure, and desire to compete with someone is the root cause of suffering in life because nothing is permanent in this world.

Attachment with worldly objects, positions, or people around you makes your happiness dependent on them, and you begin to identify yourself with them. Moreover, the objects, position, or the people around you are not going to stay with you for the lifetime because of their impermanence of nature and that make you feel pity about yourself.

Detachment does not mean running out of material possession, responsibilities towards your near and dear ones, or suppression of desires. In a true sense, detachment means being aware of the impermanence of things, and the transitory pleasure derived through it. So be associated with the objects, positions or people that you encounter in your journey with the detached approach to get the maximum benefits out of it and empowers yourself to move on whenever they go out of your life.


Spirituality is the realization of self; awareness about the true nature of self. Awareness of self is essential to avoid the spiritual poverty in life. It is the awareness that makes the process of detachment spontaneous outcome so that people concentrate on present moment.

Awareness is the key to acquire spiritual knowledge. When you are aware about your true self, your mind does not get distracted from the present moment no matter how much exciting diversions are available in front of you. You dedicate your total attentions to the responsibilities at hand in the present moment to derive maximum benefits from it and enjoy the company of people around you.

Spiritual poverty is the lack of awareness about the true nature of self that makes a person develops many vices in life such as jealousy, hatred and of the same, and they do not enjoy the blessings of life in a true sense. Once you are aware about your true self, you no longer make your identity get associated with the material objects and try to seek pleasure by showing your superiority over other.

When you embark on the journey to get alleviated from the spiritual poverty, you make your life blissful with everlasting happiness and that in turn encourage you to extend your support to the people who are in need with a kind heart and share your blessing for the benefits of humanity at large.

Finally, the spiritual path is a personal journey filled with many exciting experiences. The ability to being detach with outer world and living life in present moment with total awareness helps you to walk on the spiritual path with full of courage and attentiveness to enjoy the blissful life. So if you want peace of prosperity in true sense, you need to try for your own spiritual progress to avoid spiritual poverty in life.