Be The Best Version Of You

Personal Growth

Life is a creative pursuit and as everyone is rewarded with the unique capability, so the responsibility to create life by being the best version of you is always with you. Where there is creativity, there is growth, and there is life. It is your decision to make a constant improvement in you, shapes the quality of your life rather than the effects of conditions, comparison, validations and of the same. By being the best version of you, you live your life, in reality, because as per the law of nature, creation is the sign of life, and you share the process of creating your unique life with nature to reward yourself with everlasting happiness. So strive to be the best version of you to become the creator of your destiny.

We, human being, by the virtue of our mind, are the creator of goods and services. Whatever inventions you see around you from mode of transport to medium of communication to currency to trade is all created by some good human being for the benefits of humanity at large. The positions such as the director, the manager, or the president are all a creation of human mind. However, somehow it seems that we have become the slave of our own creation rather than enjoying the benefits of goods and services as master with detached attitude. It is our unduly attachment to possessions and position that has made us the slave of which we are supposed to be the master and due to this, we have lost the idea of our real self and happiness as well.

Be the best version of you means to live life on your own terms and keep on striving to turn your vision about who you become, in reality, so that you can utilize your full potential to add more value to the world. In order to be the best version of you, it is essential to know your real self first. Your real self is always with you; it is not far off the places. You just need to go deep inside you to find your real self. Nowadays, it is easy to travel from one country to another; you have all the mode of transport at your disposal provided you are ready to pay the fair. But going deep inside your mind to discover your real self needs a lot of courage. You have to remove the outer layers of identity gained through possession and positions to know your real self.

You may want to achieve so many things in life, but the ultimate goal of your life is to have peace of mind that gives everlasting happiness, and it is not possible until you be the best version of you. Often, people add more value to the world by accepting and acting completely the way they are because they do not carry the extra burden of fear and need to hide anything by projecting themselves someone else. So to act to your full potential to make your life enriching, you should act and behave the way you are and strive to be the better version of you because there will be always the chance to make an improvement in your capabilities. Here are some of the best ways that can help you to be the better version of you:


Knowing yourself paves the way to be the best version of you. It is very much difficult for anyone to know what they want from their lives, unless they have the will to explore their lives. Most of the people tend to live in total conflict with their nature to meet the demand of professional and personal life, and the paradox is that they even accept it as a reality of their lives. They do not have the will to explore their lives to know what they want from their lives so that they can follow their ultimate goal to become their best version. So you need to explore your life to know what you want in life and go for it to be the best version of you.


Creating a vision for your life is a powerful technique to convert it into a reality for you. The more clearly you visualize your life of being the best version of you, the more likely you will be able to accomplish it. Being the best version of you is within your reach provided you have the clear vision and roadmap to achieve it. The best way to create a vision for your life is that focus on your wishes and what would bring happiness into your life, not what others expect of you. If you are able to create a vision for your life more vividly, you would make it quite achievable by your step-by step action towards it.


Negative self-talk can create a biggest obstacle for being the best version of you. A little negative self-talk is quite normal and act as a reality check that encourages you to be a better person, but the problem starts when the negative self-talk become excessive and tend to keep your focus away from the positivity of life. Negative self-talk can prohibit you to utilize your full potential for the betterment of your life. So if you want to be the best version of you, you need to stop the negative self-talk. To stop the negative self-talk, you should make a conscious effort to stop it as soon as you see it coming and fill your mind with positivity.


Keeping your focus on your strength is the best way to motivate yourself to be the best version of you. Most of the people tend to compare themselves with others and keep their focus on weaknesses. It is their habit of keeping their focus on what they are lacking in their lives prohibits them to figure out what the unique potential they are having. The fact is that comparison is always unfair because people tend to compare their negative aspects with someone's positivity and no matter how much they put in effort, they will always find someone better in certain aspects of life. So, you should always keep in mind that it is your strength that counts in your life, not the weaknesses and is not it a valid reason for keeping your focus on strength.


Perfectionism is often the root cause of procrastination in life. Being imperfect is what makes us human being, and keeps our mind open to continue learning throughout the life. To be the best version of you is not a smooth journey, you have to face the disappointment, mistakes, failure, and self-doubt on the way, but it is how you learn to bounce back that counts. Always keep in mind that it is not the imperfection but your attitude to give up learning is the cause of procrastination in life and due to this, you gain nothing and stay stagnant. So accept imperfection to be open for learning continuously and embracing changes in life, which paves the way to be the best version of you by avoiding procrastination.


Worrying about what others think can put heavy weight on your real goal of life. Often, what makes you feel happy and worthwhile can gets crushed under the burden of your caring about what other people think about your actions and that in turn prohibit you from listening to your inner voice. To stop worrying about what others think, you should always keep in mind that, no matter how much well thought-out righteous action you choose, you cannot satisfy everyone and your action will be questioned by some people for sure. So stop worrying about what others think and go ahead to do what make your life worthwhile to live and be the best version of you.


People pleasing are an act of allowing others to dictate terms in life and doing so you allow them to set limitations for you. You are not born to be the puppet in the hand of other people and lose not only your identity but respect as well. You have the unique capability to write your own destiny to have a sense of self-worth and create your own identity in this world. It is your inability to distinguish right or wrong due to lack of guts propel you to seek approval from others, and that intensify into the act of people pleasing. So to avoid the act of people pleasing, have faith in your ability to make choices and act on becoming the better version of yourself as it is only you who have to face the consequences of your actions.


Success depends on how much you are determined to follow your vision. Your idea of being the best version of you will be incredibly different to another person and so there is no fixed path to realize it. You have to be trailblazer and chart out your own path to be the best version of you. It is your determination that makes you confident of handling the roadblock on your way. Once you have explored your life to know yourself and also created a vision of what you want from your life, you need to set goals that will help you to be the better version of you. Always be determined to follow your fixed goals step by step to convert your vision into reality.

To conclude, living your best life is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, and this is only possible by being the best version of you. Being the best version of you is not a destination that you can reach and enjoy throughout your life, but it is an ongoing process because you have infinite potential to get utilized. Once you start the process of being the best version of you, the opportunity to get utilized at every stage of your life will be available for you so that you can increase your value for the betterment of your life and society at large. Initially, it would be tough to go beyond your comfort zone to step out on the journey of being the vest version of you, but gradually it would become interesting. So do not waste your time by projecting yourself someone else in order to get validation from your surroundings. Strive to be the best version of you to let your unique talents shine and to live a truly contented life.