Beat Emotional Exhaustion

Personal Growth

Emotions are dynamic energy, and we do not have to do anything to encounter emotions; it is natural part of our life. We float around in the sea of emotional energy almost all the time. However, when the demands of emotional energy get increased in our life, and we were not able to manage it judiciously, the emotional energy gets exhausted, and that drains away enthusiasm, curiosity, inspiration and self-confidence.

Emotional exhaustion is a long-lasting bout of physical as well as emotional depletion of energy that results from bad sleep, overwork, stress, depression, anxiety, abusive behavior, bad relationships, and low self-esteem. So, if you want to have energy throughout your life to give meaning for your life, you are not only needed to guard your energy from drainage but also make conscious efforts to boost the level of your energy.

Life affirming attitude of hope, love, passion, resilience, fun, joy or enthusiasm generates more emotional energy whereas life negating attitude of worry, stress, anger, jealousy, or fear saps the level of emotional energy. That is why to beat the emotional exhaustion, you need to stop draining of energy, and at the same time you should put in effort to increase your emotional energy.

As the dynamic power of emotions controls our thought process, behavior and actions, so we need to be careful about it for our overall progress in life. Here are some ways to beat emotional exhaustion:


If you feel emotionally exhausted, accept it to start the process of overcoming it. If you ignore the emotional exhaustion because you feel ashamed about it or feel pity about yourself for the negative situations life has thrown in front of you, then it can stop you from enjoying life. The moment you accept the fact that you are emotionally exhausted; you take the first step towards overcoming it.


There is hardly anyone who has not faced negative situations that emotionally exhaust them. But the way of response to situation makes the difference in everyone's life. The People put in their effort confidently to overcome emotional exhaustion smoothly and early in life who sees the stage of emotional exhaustion as an opportunity to strengthen their mental muscles. So having the positive attitude is essential to beat the emotional exhaustion.


Get engaged into pleasing activity such as reading, listening music, watching movie, breathing exercise or hit the gym to relax and let go of the past which is making you feel bad. Take a facial massage if you think so and dress nicely to feel better. Being engaged in a pleasing activity lowers your stress level and boosts your emotional energy to handle emotional exhaustion effectively.


Stop trying to please other and act in accordance with their expectation to be accepted and respected in your surroundings. By trying to be what you are not, in reality, you deplete most of your emotional energy in vain because no matter what you do, you cannot satisfy anyone all expectations in your entire life. So be yourself and think twice before making any sacrifice. The power to beat the emotional exhaustion lies in you not in the outer world and the only way to utilize the power is by being yourself. So always try to be yourself to overcome emotional fatigue.


Sometimes sharing your emotions with friends and family member help you to beat the emotional exhaustion smoothly and early. You never know a simple idea of someone who has successfully dealt with emotional exhaustion in past makes your daunting task to overcome emotional fatigue look easy. If you think, you need a professional help, consult doctor to find a better way out to cope with emotional exhaustion.

Finally, it is very much natural to get under the grip of energy depleting negative emotions for the certain period of time but when it prolonged then problem starts and that in turn make you emotionally exhausted. So whenever you feel emotionally exhausted, you need to take charge of your feelings to change it for the betterment of your life because you are the only person who can change what you feel. Try to beat emotional exhaustion in time to regain enthusiasm back in your life to write the better script for your life filled with love and success.