Everyone Is Around For A Certain Reason

Personal Growth

Life is about finding your own journey and moving on it without being stuck for anybody else. People come in your life, walk with you on our journey for a certain period of time and then go; often without informing you. However, as time does not stop ticking so is your life journey. People come in your life for a certain reason, and once the purpose is fulfilled; they are bound to move away from your life, no matter how much we like and love them. So halting your life journey for anybody else is not wise because everyone is around for a certain reason.

Life is rightly described as a journey, and you are not at complete control to choose the person with whom you walk on the path of your life journey. At every stage, different people come in your life and for a different period of time. Some people come in your life for a particular reason; some people stay with you for a season and there are some people with whom your relationships last for the maximum period of time; you can call it for a lifetime. However, the role of every person is very much important in your life no matter, for how long they are going to stay with you because everyone enhances the growth of your life.

The people who come in your life for a particular reason help you to get over the difficulties and provide you much-needed guidance that benefits you for your entire life. They are with you for a reason because to fulfill the need you have expressed. Once their role is over, they just walk away from your life even if you want them to stay with you for the longer period of time and enjoy the finer things of life together. They are in your life just to fulfill that particular need you have expressed, and it was a destiny that person path crossed the path of your journey of life to fulfill that particular need in your life.

There are some people who come into your life for a season; a short period of time like for a month or for a few years. They come in your life to learn, teach, help, grow and evolve as a human being. The moment you outgrow that person or vice versa and in some cases to get evolved as a different person with each other paves the way for separation. This happens not because of any misunderstanding or wrongdoing from your part or that person side but because of the nature of life. In the life of every person, people come and go at every stage of their journey and one need to understand and accept this reality of life with a positive attitude to grow and evolve as a strong human being.

Finally, there are some people with whom you share your maximum period of life journey because your goals align with the goal of those persons. They are the people who remain with you at all times, through good times and through bad times and that is why they deserve more love and respect from your end. The long-time relationships thrive on mutual respect and acceptance. The people who stay with you for a lifetime; accept you for what you are as a human being without imposing their likes and disliked upon you to change. They help you to visualize the silver lining when you go through the tough phase of life, and at the same time they teach you not to get over excited by your success. So you need to learn that lesson from them to evolve as a loving and caring person.

Hence, it is of the best interest for you to figure out the people who are in your life for a reason, season or lifetime to get attached to them accordingly and handles the complexities of relationship wisely. Once you will be able to figure out, you can control your expectation from each person and get rid of emotional upheaval in case you get separated with that person. You live your life once so it is your responsibility to make it worthwhile. You should not halt your life journey just because someone you love and care; say or do something to end the relationships. You should always keep in mind that the journey of someone who stays with you for the certain period of time cannot be your own journey. It is your life, and you have to find and celebrate your own journey; people will come and go, but you have to move on.