Have A Sense Of Self-worth

Personal Growth

Having a sense of true self-worth is vital to feel as a complete human being with all the strength and flaws and live a peaceful and joyful life. Lack of a sense of self-worth is a sign of immature mind. If you are feeling something is lacking in your life all the time, then you do not have a sense of self-worth. You do not feel complete as an individual and always make a futile attempt to seek external objects, validation, love and approval from others to make you feel complete as a human being.

A sense of self-worth comes from within. Self-worth is not an external object which you can find in the outer world. Achievements, possessions, reward, recognition, appreciation is the outer manifestation of inherent potential and there are no denying facts that it can make you feel worthy, for the time being, but it is not your true self-worth because it is not constant in nature. However, the ultimate potential which defines your worthiness as an individual is not a thing to fade away or gets destroyed with the passing of time or change of situations.

Your self-worth is going to remain with you forever whether you recognize it or not. As the basic nature of the lion is going to remain same either you put it into forest or cage so is your sense of self-worth whether you are successful in certain things or not. In other words, the seed of rose has the potential to grow as a plant to flourish but the flower is not the ultimate potential of rose seed; it is just the outer expression of its potential. The true potential of rose lies in its seed that has the capabilities to grow and blossom. So your unique potential always remains with you, and it is you who are responsible to realize it to have a sense of self-worth or let it stay dormant.

Self-worth is all about knowing yourself as a person, accepting yourself in totality and respecting yourself. Your self-worth is not determined by external opinion or approval; it is an inner process. You have to unravel and recognize your self-worth within yourself. Although realizing self-worth is a personal journey to discover one's own true potential but there are some ways that may help you to identify and realize your unique potential lying under the layers of external distraction to have a sense of self-worth:


Everyone is a unique creation of nature; no two people are exactly the same in every aspect of life. People do differ with each other by their complexion, physique, intelligent quotient, emotional maturity, stamina, hobbies, and of the same but nature has created everyone in such a way that the ultimate potential of everyone is the same.

However, people tend to compare themselves with other and try to be like them, forgetting their own unique attribute and end up courting frustration. The drawback of comparison is that it is never productive. By comparing yourself to others, you can either have a false sense of superiority or pulls down your sense of self-worth because there would always a person superior than you in any particular task. So the trick lies in calibrating your real potential and celebrating your own uniqueness; being and acting as yourself.


There is a great interrelation between being creative and having a sense of self-worth. It is the creativity of the people that give them identity so that they can have something to feel worthy about. At the loss of creativity, people stop enjoying their lives, lose their identity, get depressed, and feel worthless. So the expression of creativity is the basic requisite for having a sense of self-worth.

Being creative does not only relate to writing, painting or discoveries, but it could be also expressed in mundane work such as cleaning, cooking or just walking down a path no matter how trivial and insignificant it may appear. The good thing in life is that there are many ways to reach a particular destination or different set path to complete a task. So choose routes to reach your destination or apply some new method to complete a task to express your creativity and to have worthy feeling. You can even take a challenge of completing the mundane task in less time on the daily basis to reduce boredom and have a sense of self-worth.


Sometimes almost everyone has to face challenges due to their own weaknesses or mistakes but the people who are compassionate for themselves do not waste their time and energy in regret. They forgive themselves on the ground that as a human being, they are not perfect and examine their weaknesses or mistakes to learn lessons for their self-growth and that in turn enhance their sense of self-worth. So develop self-compassion to sail through the turbulent situations smoothly and have a sense of self-worth.


We, as a human being, have an inbuilt tendency to take the privilege guaranteed and get engaged in the mode of self-pity when adversities occur. However, if you closely visualize the weight of challenges in your life, it will be always less in proportion to privileges. Your life in itself a gift and you should be grateful for your parents. There are many people in this world, who are physically challenged, not having loving and caring family, proper schooling, enough food to eat, and if you are having these things, is not it enough to feel grateful for and to have a sense of self-worth.

Hence, always keep in mind, it is your life, and you have to take responsibility to live it to the fullest. So do not put limitations on yourself by doubting your own capabilities or believing in yourself little less. Give wings to your dreams that you have kept hidden in your mind for so long as it is never too late. Have a sense of self-worth to make your life worthwhile to live.