Overcome Insecurity

Personal Growth

The biggest paradox of life is that, security is the most desirable sense of feelings in the lives of human being even though the fact is that by its very nature, insecurities are the integral part of life. In this world, there is nothing stable; changes are the ultimate constant factor in life, and unexpected changes bring insecurities. However, most of the people desire to remain within their comfort zone always and spend most of their valuable time during the process of removing insecurities from their lives in the vain, just only to make their lives miserable. So, to make the journey of life adventurous, it is very much essential to overcome insecurity.

The feeling of insecurity affects every aspect of life; be it emotional or physical and that in turn tend to disturb work-life and relationships. Everyone has some kind of insecurity at certain stages of life. Insecurities are very much natural but when I prolonged then it creates the problems. The sign of insecurities is an indication that something is not right and needs to be changed. So if you feel insecure about any aspects of your life, take it as a challenge to improve yourself so that you can overcome insecurity instead of feeling helpless and living insecure life. Here are some of the vital strategies that can help you in most of the situation to overcome insecurities:


The beauty of human being is that the appearance of everyone is different. There are no two persons that are exactly the same in their complexion, weigh, and height. Everyone looks unique in their own way. If you do not like some part of your appearances, then figure out if it is rational to feel insecure about it. If you feel insecure about those appearances which you cannot change such as color to your skin, height, and disability, then accept it because you do not have the power at your disposal to change it in accordance with your liking. You can compensate your permanent weaknesses by making improvement in other aspects of life.

However, if you are insecure about things which you can change such as weigh, then make a plan to get into shape and also make sure that you do not need to feel insecure while the process of improvement is going on. Always keep in mind that you have unique appearance, and it is your responsibility to learn to like and love yourself to your full potential so that you can keep your head high. If you take a close look about your appearance, you can easily find something about yourself that you really life and then begin to expand your liking as time goes on to build your self-esteem so that you learn to like and love yourself in totality.


Changes are inevitable part of life even if you do not seek it. Changes are not in itself a source of insecurity but how you choose to deal with changes makes the difference, whether it would be a fountain of bliss or reasons for insecurity. Changes are meant to force us to make choices and reinvent ourselves. Your greatness lies in your ability to handle the changes effectively and adapt yourself to circumstances. So instead of living in insecurity due to unexpected changes, take changes in life, as an opportunity to reinvent yourself so that you can adapt the circumstance for the benefit of self and create choices that make you in charge of your lives.


If the cause of your insecurities is related to past relationships or incidents, then you need to forgive and forget the past and keep yourself moving forward. Unless you forgive the person or situations that hurt you, you would be not able to move forward because the hurtful events always come back in your memory lane to haunt you and pull you back from moving forward. You will never be able to forget the incident no matter how good prospects you have in the present moment. However, there is not any significant value to past incidents in your present life barring picking us a lesson that it has to offer to make yourself more mature person. So to get over the insecurities, you need to forgive and forget the past so that you can keep yourself moving forward in life.


Self-doubt can force you to accept the defeat as a reality without fight, and it leaves you with only fear and insecurity. Often self-doubt occurs due to failure in past and repeated criticism from other. The fact is that past failure or criticism from others is not an appropriate yardstick to define you, but they can help you to get closer to your desired goal if you allow them. Self-doubt is a part of human nature, and you cannot eradicate it forever because whenever you go beyond your comfort zone, it will always come back to haunt you. However, self-doubts only exist in thoughts, and if you increase your level of understanding, over time you would be able to break the barrier of self-doubt to reduce your insecurity so that you can improve your life.


The best way to deal with insecurity is to face it head-on. You cannot get rid of insecurity by avoiding it or hiding it. When you feel insecure and not able to move on then you need to relax and gather your courage to face the insecurities head on. Taking first steps towards overcoming insecurities do the wonders. Most of the people do not overcome insecurities because they do not courage even in the small doses to show the willingness to start facing insecurities at the initial level and because of that their insecurities linger on throughout their lives. So if you want to overcome insecurities, you should not feel hesitant to start facing it head on. Once you take action against insecurities, it will give you a sense of self-confidence and speed up the process of overcoming insecurities in life.


Insecurity is a choice based on an emotional interpretation. It is wonderful to have someone to share your life but being totally dependent on others for emotional satisfaction is not good for yourself as well as your relationship. The more you depend on others for your emotional need, the more you will be stressful for continuation of relationship and have the sense of insecurity. If you have stuck in a relationship because of your own emotional independence, you need to regain emotional independence for overcoming insecurity and find true satisfaction in life. The most effective way to regain emotional independence is self-love. So get to know yourself in a better way to start making decisions your own decisions to overcome insecurity and realize your ultimate goal in life.


Expectations by its very nature are limitless and a real source of frustration in life. If you expect something from other people, that very expectation makes you feel insecure and ruin your relationship. In other words, your expectations are the demand on your life, and a demanding mind always remains insecure. On a contrary, if you get anything without any kind of expectations, your joy will increase manifold, and you feel yourself a privileged one. So to overcome insecurities and fill your life with joy, you need to drop your expectations from life. Always keep in mind, dropping expectations are hard, but it is definitely worthwhile.


In relationship, depending on other to make you feel secure is all about giving power to them to control your happiness. Your dependence on others shakes your level of confidence and the ability to make judgments and that in turn make you vulnerable to insecurities in life. On the other hand, through self-assurance, you can have confidence not only in your abilities but also in your judgment and that in turn enable you to have complete authority to make decision and act on them with confidence. It is your self-assurance that will help you to have faith in your abilities and judgment even in the difficult phases of life to get over it. So, to overcome insecurities and take charge of your life, you need to seek self-assurance.


Most of the people have the unhealthy attitude to measure their own worth against other people to seek satisfaction, but in the long run they invite insecurities in their lives. The habit of comparison leads them to compare their negative aspects of life with someone's strength and that in turn make them feel insecure. No doubt, they try to convert their negative aspects of life in positivity, but they always find someone better than them in those aspects of life and that lead them to feel insecure. So to overcome insecurities and bring back the joy in your life, you should avoid comparing yourself with others.


Building your self-esteem is the surest way to handle the insecurities of life in a better way. Self-esteem means feeling good about yourself for who you are, appreciate your strength, and take pride in your achievement even in light of your perceived flaws. So to keep the insecurities at bay, you should build your self-esteem. Sometimes, it is totally natural to feel down and insecure due to loneliness, unemployment, neglect and of the same, but when these feeling linger on for long then it is a clear indication of working on your self-esteem. To build your self-esteem and overcome insecurities in life, you should get engaged in positive self-talk and do things that you enjoy.

Hence, insecurities are the web of tangled thoughts driven by the trial and tribulations of past experiences such as difficult upbringing, failures, and break-up in relationships. The aspects of insecurity can creep in by any aspects at any stages of life to anybody. No one is immune to insecurities, so there is no reason to feel pity about yourself if you define yourself as an insecure person. Insecurity does not make you a weak person altogether and halt the growth of your life, but it is your pattern of behavior that decides your fate and builds your character. So, do not treat insecurities as an obstacle in the journey of your adventurous life but embrace it as an opportunity that guide you on the right direction to stretch yourself for your won betterment and humanity at large.