Overcome Prejudice

Personal Growth

Prejudice is a burden we carry with utmost care to block our own vision to see the truth. If your mind is prejudiced, you cannot see the truth, and it will stress you and conditioned yourself to be judgmental towards someone, certain group, society, country, or religion and succumb to find fault in their every move that you are prejudiced about. It would be very much difficult to see beyond your comfort zone if you are prejudiced about certain group or something.

By its very definition, prejudice is a tendency of mind to generalize someone or something based on preconceived limited knowledge without concrete evidence to back them. Prejudice makes a person biased and limits their progress in life. It does not allow a person to go beyond their comfort zone to see the truth. To see the truth, it is utmost importance to have an open mind. So you should make an effort to overcome prejudice for your benefits and society at large.

The most effective way to overcome prejudice is to expand your knowledge by getting close to the people you are prejudiced about. Here are few tips, which may help you to overcome prejudices in your life:


Having prejudice is fairly natural as almost everyone brought up with certain sets of beliefs, faith, values and culture associated with their surroundings, and that makes them become prejudiced towards other people who do not share their beliefs, faith, values and culture. The drawback of prejudice is that it does not let the new ideas, and beliefs come in from different sources and hamper the growth of life. Being open-minded open up lots of rewarding benefits by helping the people learn and grow along with shedding their ego of all-knowing. So you should strive to be open-minded to overcome prejudice in life.


Respecting people is important for relating one self with others and maintaining harmony in the surroundings. The way to respect persons is to treat people the way you want to be treated by them. Respect is a regard for another person's backgrounds, culture, society, moral values, beliefs, faith, ability, work and of the same. You can show respect for people by simply being polite with them and appreciating their thought, behavior in a particular situation, or way of doing things even if it differs from yours.


Having strong self-esteem is important to overcome prejudice. Often, the root cause of prejudice is our own fear and insecurity. The people who have a strong sense of self do not feel hesitant to accept people with different background or culture. It is the self-esteem that makes the person confident so that they can carry themselves with dignity. So you should see yourself as a unique person and figure out your own strength to have strong self-esteem and overcome prejudice in your life.


The easiest and most effective way to overcome prejudice is making an effort to broaden your horizons. Lack of knowledge is the underlying root cause of the lot of prejudice. Interacting with people having different sets of ideas and beliefs, learning the culture of the certain group, participating in regional functions of other people helps you to relate yourself with other people better and overcomes prejudice. So to overcome prejudice, you should broaden your horizon.

Hence, prejudices are the unwanted extra burden in the journey of life that hampers the growth of your life by affecting your thoughts and behavior. So, if you want to live life to the fullest, you should not let the prejudices drive your thoughts and behavior. Make an effort to overcome prejudices as soon as you become aware about it to make your life happy and enriching.