Practice Mindfulness

Personal Growth

The demand of modern lifestyle makes it difficult for almost everyone to enjoy the beauty of present moment as it unfolds. The clock ticks fast and day appear short in a sense that our life is full of work commitments, family demands and no matter how hard we try we feel unable to keep up with all the responsibilities. Moreover, our own personal need to strike a balance between mental, spiritual, physical growth for the joy of our life gets ignored.

The hectic pace of our life, taking a heavy toll on our overall health, and it prevent us from investing time in search of the reasons behind our unhappiness. Almost everyone become so absorbed in trying to chase power and money in their everyday life that they miss the beauty of life, present moment has to offer without knowing what they are missing and feel emptied at the end of the day. So being in present moment in totality is the essential to enjoy the beauty of nature, joy of relationship and most importantly an inner satisfaction and mindfulness help you stay in present moment with your complete attention.

Mindfulness, by its very definition, is a celebration of life by consciously living in a present moment without being judgmental and emotionally attached to them. Life is always in the present moment, where all the actions are taking place. Life is not in the past or future because no one can go in the past to live there, and future is a figment of imagination. That is why practicing mindfulness; help you to dedicate your total attention to present moment to celebrate life.

Mindfulness means dedicating your total attentions to the present moment. To practice mindfulness you need to consciously re-program your mind not to entertain the thoughts irrelevant in present moment and keep your undivided attention on the task at hand, no matter how trivial it is. You should make mindfulness a continuous process to cultivate peace of mind, not a onetime act of practice in a day. Here are some of the effective ways to start practicing mindfulness in your effort to cultivate it as a habit.


Focusing on breathing is the foundation of mindfulness, yet it is the most effective medium of practicing mindfulness. Keeping your attention on your breathing helps you to cultivate awareness, boosts focus and relieves a symptom of negative traits such as stress, depression, and anxiety. When you dedicate your attention to breathing, your mind slows down the flow of thoughts, and that reduces stress and fear. So to practice mindfulness, you should pay attention to your breathing to reap of it.


The desire to achieve more in short spans of time through multitasking is the accepted norm of modern lifestyle. However, multitasking reduces the ability to focus. Multitasking by its very nature keeps people in a state of divided attention and often, in reality, it makes error and delays the completion any specific task. The mindful approach to get the maximum from any task is to focus on one task with undivided attention for a specific period of time and continue shifting your attention on other tasks after a break. So keep your focus on one task at a time to stay in a state of mindfulness and get the work completed smoothly and at the earliest.


The mind tends to wonder here and there due to constant flow of thoughts and that make a person not to concentrate fully on the present moment and that in turn make them unhappy. However, it is difficult to stop the flow of thoughts altogether but through mindful practice of observation, one can channelize the thought in a proper direction. To channelize your thought relevant for the present moment, you need to make a conscious effort to observe your thoughts. Let the thoughts come and go by themselves, do not try to stop them. When you observe your thoughts and its relevance in the present moment, you will be in a better position to direct your attention towards the thoughts which are beneficial for you, and you will wonder to see the result of this powerful practice of mindfulness.


Being totally engaged in the work is an effective way to practice mindfulness. If you work in a profession, you are passionate about, you tend to dedicate your total attention at work, and you enjoy being in the present moment. So turn your passion into the profession to enhance the process of practicing mindfulness.


Wishing for the best things in life is the human tendency but as a human being, we all are perfectly imperfect and so are the things around us. So the trick for a happy life lies in the acceptance of things as they are and being grateful for all the things. It is the imperfection or failure that makes you realize the value of perfection or success in life. That is why; accepting the things as they are and cultivating the attitude of gratefulness for all the things in life is the gateway to mindfulness.


Life is meant to live in every moment to enjoy it. You cannot enjoy the life by being physically being in the present moment and mind wonders into past or future. To enjoy life you need to be in the present moment physically and mentally. Being physically and mentally in the present moment is in itself mindfulness. So living in the present moment is an effective way to practice mindfulness.

Hence, being in a state of mindfulness is being truly alive; living each moment of life by dedicating wholehearted attention to the present moment. Practicing mindfulness in every moment of life empower you to understand your true potential and make use of it in any given situations to improve your life. So if you want to experience the joy of life, have peace of mind, and make use of your unique potential for the betterment of yourself and humanity at large, you need to make mindfulness a way of life.