Stay True To Yourself

Personal Growth

To stay true to yourself is the ultimate secret to happy life. No one has ever lived a meaningful life and remains happy in their lives by letting other people dictates that who they are or act and behave in a certain way just to impress someone. Most of the people waste their valuable times in an effort to get other people liked them and appreciate them even at the cost of losing their own identity. So to have a happy, effortless, and enriching life it is important to stay true to yourself.

Stay true to yourself means to be honest with yourself; to have faith in yourself; to know who you are; to respect yourself in totality and to uphold your beliefs and values. In other words, staying true to yourself is all about creating your own identity to stand out in the crowd. If you are trying to be like someone else just to please your loved ones or get appreciations from the society, then you will lose your own identity and always get recognized as a duplicate person.

The fact is that, you are the only person who is responsible for your life, and whether you like it or not but you have to deal with the decisions you have made in the end. If you do not stay true to yourself, then what would be your identity; people will never know who you are in reality. As a human being, we all are different to each other in some way based on our own unique qualities and staying true to ourselves is important us to create our own identity because no one like and wants to be with a copy cat.

Staying true to yourself does not mean ignoring the positive and constructive feedback from the people who really mean the most in your life. In-fact, the traits you admire in others helps you to inculcate in your life to raise your level of confidence. Although it is your personal journey to make an effort to know who you are, in reality, under the layers of outer expectation and stay true to yourself to experience a fulfilling and enriching life, here are few tips which may help to re-introduced yourself to your real selves:


The first steps towards staying true to yourself are to figure out what is really important to you based on your core values and beliefs. If you are not sure about what you really care in life; the most probable chances are that you are going to carry the extra burden of other's expectations and live a mediocre life. Your effort to be someone else based on the expectations of other people is not only make you physically and mentally drained, but it also lowers your self-esteem. So to reach your fullest potential in life, you should figure out what is really important to you.

Staying true to yourself is all about following your ultimate goal in life based on your core values and beliefs that establish your own identity. Always keep in mind; if you are not staying true to yourself, then you do not establish your own identity in life about who you are. So figure out your strength, values, beliefs, goals and what is really important to you at any given time to give direction to your life otherwise people will take advantage of you.


Once you have figured out what is important in your life; you should have courage to live on your own terms. It is very much easy to follow the expectation of others at the initial level but regretful for the rest of life and on the other hand, living on your own terms seems daunting tasks in the beginning but brings happiness and a sense of achievement in later stage of life.

Living on your own terms is all about not following the crowd and going beyond the comfort zone provided by society to take risk and establish your own identity. If you have decided to live on your own terms then, you should have courage to face the challenges of life by yourself. However, the fact is that there is no life without the risk. So if you want to make your life journey interesting, have courage to life on your own terms.

To conclude, the purpose of life is self-actualization and to stay true to yourself is the ultimate tool for self-actualization. You cannot progress on the path of self-actualization by living fake life or acting and behaving in a certain way to be respected in society. So stay true to yourself for self-actualization and at the same time let the world know who you are as a human being.