To Feel Good, Stop Comparing and Feeling Bad

Personal Growth

Feelings good is a state of mind that attracts all good things in order to create happy and enriching life. It is your feeling that gives clear indication that whether you are moving on right direction or not. If you feel good, you can be rest assured that you are doing what makes you happy. On the other hand, feeling bad signaled that there is something wrong with you.

In life, just like everyone else, you have to face different situations that you can be categories as a good or a bad one in relation to your perception, but it is your attitude that decides whether you want to keep on feeling good or bad. Although there are no dearths of reasons to support the state of your feelings, whether it is good or bad in the equal measure, but the choice about your state of feelings is always dependent on you.

Feeling bad is a definite way to attract frustration in life whereas feeling good help you to make positive improvement in life. The state of feeling good motivates you to analyze your achievement to raise the bar of your success even further and ensure your continuous growth as a strong individual.

Even though there are tremendous benefits of feeling good but to inculcate a habit of feeling good is not an easy task in this modern age. The biggest barrier that stops you from feels good is the habit of making comparison with others that often make you feel bad.

If you tend to compare and feel bad, here are some methods that motivate you stop comparing and feeling bad and at the same time help you to feel good:


The biggest drawback of making comparison is that it deprives people from figuring out their own unique traits. There is nothing wrong in having an icon you look up to draw inspiration from but wanting to be like them can end up courting disaster. As an individual, you are unique, you can not be like someone else. So figure out your own unique strength and skills to establish your identity. Be and act yourself to feel good.


The basic reason for making comparison is to set a benchmark for improvement. However, often, people view themselves negatively by comparing themselves with others. So the trick to feel good is to compare and compete with nobody else except your own self. If you constantly keep yourself engaged in comparing and competing with yourself, you will definitely be going to be a better person with each passing day and keep your self-esteem high all the time. So to feel good, it is very much wise to compare and compete with yourself.

Finally, to live your best life you need to feel good by dropping the habit of comparing and feeling bad. Almost everyone is brought up to judge their every aspect of life on scale of comparison in order to set their pace of lives. If used intelligently comparison could be the biggest motivator to excel in life in their own way by choosing the best possible options in all aspects of life. On the other hand, making unrealistic comparison can demonstrate you with self-doubt at the level that you can start feeling bad. So if you want to feel good, it would be a wise decision to stop comparing and feeling bad.